12 Week Coaching Intensive For Frustrated Women Ready To Shed unwanted weight, get toned, and get the confidence, happiness, and power they deserve!

Are you ready?

If you are ready to immerse yourself in a program that will mentally and physically help you change your mind and body & end your self- sabotaging cycle to transform yourself into the kind of woman who makes her health and happiness a priority...

then, this is for you!

You are ready to start losing weight, get toned, and feeling good in your own skin, but you have been struggling with a lack of confidence, finding the time, feeling motivated, and where to begin.

You work hard for your weight loss goals but when you see pictures of yourself, you feel completely defeated.

You are not consistently doing your workout programs causing you to have a rollercoaster of weight loss and weight gain... and you are sick of it.

You wanted to have a healthy self-image of yourself but you only keep on seeing the negative.
You have failed in the past, so you also have fears of failing in the future.

You already know what you want but you're lacking the push and accountability to get to where you want to be and help you stay committed to a healthy lifestyle.

You struggle with keeping your mind focused on yourself and your goals.

Let's bring back your self-confidence so you can have the energy to take your life back!


This program is a 90-day coaching intensive that helps frustrated women lose 20+ pounds, get toned, and regain the confidence, happiness, and power you deserve. It will unlock the keys to a healthy life that will end your frustration and help you get the mind and body you have always wanted.

Here's what you'll get out of this coaching program

12 Weeks of Life Changing Modules
Video modules that will teach you everything you need for long term results, mindset shifts and success.
(valued at $1000)
12 Weeks of Customized Meal Plans
Flexible and customized meal plans to enhance your weekly meal planning for optimum nutrition intake, helping you achieve your desired goals.
(valued at $3000)
12 Weeks of Strength Training
Workouts and cardio training that will improve your strength and get your body toned, turning you into a fit and strong Lady Warrior!
(valued at $4200)
12 Weeks Live Coaching Calls via Zoom
Coaching calls via ZOOM with Shannon and other lady warriors like you to answer any questions and get additional support each week.
(valued at $2000)
3 one-on-one Powerful Strategy Calls
3 one-on-one powerful strategy calls with Shannon for extra help, coaching and support in your transformation journey
(valued at $4000)
Monday to Friday Voxer Accountability
Access to Shannon on Monday to Friday via Voxer App for extra accountability, support, and check-ins. 
(valued at $3000)
Access To Private Coaching Community
Be a member of the Private Team Facebook group to support each other and participate in weekly accountability challenges.
(valued at $1000)
Lady Warrior Fitness Planner
One fitness planner to keep track of your progress and plan out your workouts for the week.
(valued at $500)

Total Value: $18,700


Let me introduce myself


The mind and body behind Lady Warrior and believe it or not I have been in your shoes of frustration and the desire to feel better inside and out. I built Lady Warrior to help women, women just like you, build their confidence, strengthen their minds, and learn what it takes to maintain lasting results that go far beyond the scale.

I have been bullied throughout my life for leaning into exercise and having the desire for a healthy way of life, which has been a long road of ups and down. Going through divorce, being told I wasn't good enough, struggling to have a baby at the age of 42, and having to fight (mentally) to achieve the things in my life I most desire, overtime I new I could do hard things.
I finally realized that exercise is what has been helping me build mental resilience and forge ahead. My purpose is to help YOU see that overcoming life's frustrations is not a dream, but reality!

By teaching you my 3 steps to a healthy life you too will unlock the inner warrior inside and begin to look and feel your best, be mentally and physically stronger, shed the weight, get toned, and live with the confidence, happiness, and power you deserve.
Lady Warriors!
"I've probably the strongest that I have ever been, I can say now that working out and lifting weights is my hobby because it's so much fun doing it and I look forward to continuing the workout till the upcoming years"
"I am a big fan of Shannon's work out program, all of them are spectacular and I've done several of them, Highly recommended to anyone who really wanted to get back into shape"
I want you to hear what I tell all my girls! I want you to be your OWN super hero1
"Shannon is super accomodating and if you really need to get a hold of her just email her and she will help you out with anything that you need"
"I recommended it to many fit friends and family members who also kinda jump on the bandwagon with me, We all love it and I encourage you to check it out as well"
You are a woman who is ready to invest in overcoming your frustrations, achieve your deepest desires of being heathy mentally and physically, supercharge your vitality, find your confidence again, and create lasting results. 
You are a woman who is not ready to invest in yourself, not ready to make a positive change to your mind and body, not ready to have a life filled with happiness, confidence, and power, and can't see the vision of whom you want to become.

"If you want to keep getting what you're getting, keep doing what you're doing."

Telling yourself you don't have time, not making yourself a priority, bouncing back and forth with workout plans and diet plans, not staying consistent, and allowing negative self-talk control your mind is only going to leave you buried with frustration.
When you finally realize you are worth it, and how you feel truly matters, and there is a way to lose 20+ pounds, get toned, and live with the happiness, confidence, and power you deserve, that is when the magic happens.


How long is the program?
12 Weeks / 90 Days
Do I get workouts that include weights and cardio?
Yes, you will get 5 workouts each week with a video and detailed explanation.
What are the meal plans like?
Together we will determine what meal plan is best for you and your lifestyle according to your desires and goals.
What is the wellness assessment?
It is a detailed questionnaire to help me understand where you are at mentally and physically with your goals, what your level of fitness is, what your nutrition looks like, what level your happiness and anxiety are at, what your sleep patterns are like, and overall health concerns.
Am I able to get ahold of you with questions?
 Yes! We will be in constant communication using an App called "Voxer." It is like a wakie talkie so you can ask me questions, I can check-in and see how your are doing throughout the day, and send you messages of encouragement. 
Do we have weekly check-ins?
We will have a powerful weekly call with all the members of the group via ZOOM on the computer. This is where you can ask questions, share your wins for the week, we can see if any tweaks need to be made and share our stories to help encourage everyone in the group.


This is exactly what you want:

To have self -confidence, be toned and fit

Have more energy for yourself and your family.

Feel better, look better, have deeper relationships, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But in order for you to achieve this, you need a clear mental perspective on what your goal(s) are.

Have a purpose and desire to attain your results, have a fresh outlook and see the vision of whom you want to become from every effort you make, and understand the importance of accountability, a good fitness strategy, and a nurturing mindset.
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Please contact a physician to ensure physical activity is right for you.