Frustrated with your workouts? Not sure what to do or where to start? Lost as what you should be eating to meet your health and fitness goals?
Here you will find days, weeks, and months worth of amazing workout plans that will take the guessing out of your daily workout needs.  Each workout plan is centered around strength training, weight lifting, and cardio to help elevate you into fat and calorie burning for optimal success and results. 

There is HITT training, full body workouts, TRX workouts, and individual muscle based workouts,  that will never leave you bored and will always push you to find the WILL to become a stronger you, inside and out. 
Amazing workouts for women that allow you many fitness options whether you are a beginner or have been lifting weights for years.  Each plan focuses on strength training, burning fat and calories and fueling your body with the proper nutrition to reach your workout needs & goals!  
Meal Plans
Choose from a variety of different calorie meal plans that provides you with the foods to eat, the amount to eat and how often. Plus you will receive an additional list of Carbs, Proteins, Fats, and Fruits to choose from so you can decide what to substitute into the meal plan to your liking.
Free Workouts
 These free workouts will help jumpstart you on your journey to your NEW you! No matter if you are looking for full body workouts or just looking for an arms workout, I have got you covered!
Are you a woman who has worked out and been in good shape, but life happened and you were unable to keep up with your workout plan and one day off turned into a week, a week turned into a month, and a month has turned into a year+? 
Have you battled with fluctuating weight or find yourself intimidated with weight training or going to go a gym because you don’t know what to do or where to start? Is it time to finally focus on you and get into the best shape ever? 
You are not alone! I want to help you get fit, feel healthy, and ultimately be happy. I provide detailed workout plans that are easy for women to follow. Each workout plan comes with a video of the workout, before and after pictures of each exercise, and access to my private Facebook group for encouragement and progress check ins. There are also meal plans that are associated with each workout plan to help guide you to amazing results.
Weight lifting, strength training, workout plans and programs, are just big words that really mean consistency, dedication, and success.  

You can do anything! You just need the WILL to be consistent, stay dedicated, and a workout and nutritional plan that will help you reach the results you are looking for.  Let me help you change your WILL to make health and fitness your lifestyle. 
About Me
I am a Mom and a health and fitness enthusiast.  I have been an athlete all my life and in my 30's started training and competeing in figure competitions, and this is where my LOVE and PASSION for a healthy lifestyle truly developed.  I want to help you see that weight training and what you fuel your body with go hand in hand and can be done on a daily basis. 
The 10 Happiness Producers to A Healthy Life - eBook
Enjoy my Ebook tilted “The 10 Happiness Producers to A Healthy Life” and read what you need to manage a healthy lifestyle. This Ebook gives ideas on what to eat and when to eat to help burn fat, encourages you to stay away from the scale, provides supplements I recommend and offers ideas to help us live healthy balanced lives. 
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Disclaimer: Individual results vary from person to person. Please contact a physician to ensure physical activity is right for you.

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